Hat Dating at the Seattle Goodwill

One service that the National Hat Museum offers is to identify the age of a hat.  We have analyzed hat from small, private assemblages to extremely large collections.

One such project took us to the Seattle Goodwill,  which has an extensive vintage clothing and accessories collection that they use for different events.

Their collection of hats is so massive that we needed a team of three for this project. The quality and depth of their collection is like none other we have seen. It is always a pleasure to see that someone had the forsight to begin the preservation of these treasures years ago. The Seattle Goodwill has been a great steward in safeguarding this collection.

It was an absolute delight to work with the Goodwill in Seattle.  We had an opportunity to see some rare hats which were in superb condition. This experience was a hat lover’s dream come true.  I highly recommend you check out their website and consider them if you are in need of vintage fashions for a show or an event. https://seattlegoodwill.org/get-involved/vintage-fashion-collection

If you have a collection of vintage hats, clothing or accessories that need identification, please contact us. We have a group of experts with whom we work, and we will be delighted to assist you.

~ Lu Ann Trotebas - Director, The National Hat Museum